Gastro-intestinal Tract

17th March 2016

This resource has a thorough introduction to the whole gastro-intestinal tract. An animation illustrates the pathway taken by food as it travels through the digestive system. Peristalsis is illustrated using an animation. Students can test their knowledge of the components of the GI tract with a show/hide feature. The topic finishes with an overview of […]

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Interactive 3D Liver Anatomy

Interactive liver

4th September 2015

Interactive 3D Liver Anatomy  This resource shows the entire anatomy of the liver in a fully rotatable 3D model. Choose between ‘Common Anatomy’, ‘Liver Segmentation’, and ‘Common Anatomical Variations’ to look through how the liver is structured complete with it’s blood vessels and biliary system. Created by Jodi Crossingham at the University of Toronto, Canada in […]

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The Anatomy Cookbook: A Dissection Guide with Recipes

2nd September 2015

The anatomy cookbook: a dissection guide with recipes The Anatomy Cookbook has been written to accompany an anatomy and physiology course for bioengineers who would otherwise have missed out on the opportunity to study real organ systems at first hand. It is not an alternative to a standard anatomy text, it acts more as a […]

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