21st September 2015

Gross Anatomy Dissections Videos

Gross Anatomy Dissections Videos

This resource is a list of 22 videos that shows the dissection of various parts of the human body.

The total list includes:

  1. Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue of the Trunk
  2. Trunk Musculature, Vertebral Column, Meninges and Spinal Cord
  3. Pleural Sacs and Lungs, Pericardial Sac and Heart
  4. Posterior Mediastinum
  5. Mesenteries and Inguinal Region
  6. Abdominal Organs and Blood Supply
  7. Posterior Abdominal Wall
  8. Split Pelvis
  9. The Perineum
  10. Superficial Face and Neck
  11. Infratemporal Fossa
  12. Deep Neck
  13. Cranial Cavity
  14. The Orbit
  15. The Ear
  16. Pharynx, Oral Cavity and Larynx
  17. Nasal Cavity and Pterygopalatine Fossa
  18. Cutaneous Veins and Axilla
  19. Shoulder and Arm
  20. Forearm and Hand
  21. Hip and Thigh
  22. Leg and Foot

Click on each topic to access the video or here to access the list.

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