Online Courses

Anatomy and Physiology

31st March 2016

This resource provides an online course for human anatomy and physiology. In addition to the course themes of: Structure and Function, Homeostasis, Levels of Organization, and Integration of Systems, this course has the following units: Introduction Levels of Organization Homeostasis Skeletal System Muscular System Integumentary System Endocrine System (includes Reproduction) Digestion (includes Metabolism & Nutrition) Cardiovascular […]

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Health and Social care – Alcohol and Human Health

22nd March 2016

This unit describes some of the effects of drinking alcohol. It looks at alcohol’s journey through the body and its effect on the liver. It also discusses some possible beneficial effects. This is an important health issue and should be of wide interest to pre/induction students. This link was created by Coventry University and leads to […]

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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning (HEARTe) project

14th March 2016

Building on the success of the Stroke Training and Awareness Resources (STARS) project, Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) have developed a new resource! The Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning (HEARTe) project.The project has been funded through the National Advisory Committee for Heart Disease and is led by CHSS. The resource was […]

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Nutrition: Proteins

23rd September 2015

This Unit studies ‘proteins’. Starting with a simple analysis of the molecular make up, the Unit moves on to look at the importance of protein and how they are digested and absorbed. This resource can be downloaded from here and is in a ZIP file format. The resource was created by the Open University and […]

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