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Credits for Icons
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animal anatomy icon by Cristiano Zoucas
biochemistry icon by Luis Prado, US
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cancer biology icon by Martha Ormiston
cardiovascular icon by Mister Pixel
cell physiology icon by Maurizio Fusillo
digestive system icon by Marco Hernandez
embryology icon by Luis Prado
endocrinology icon by Oliviu Stoian
genetics icon by WARSLAB
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immunology icon by Alberto Rojas
integumentary icon by Stéphanie Rusch
lab techniques icon by Mat Rutherford
muscular icon by Icons8
neuroscience icon by jessie_vp
pharmacology icon by Sergey Krivoy
physiology icon by AIGA Collection
animal physiology icon by Samuel Fine
reproductive system icon by Max Paladii
respiratory system icon by Health Care Symbols Collection
urinary system icon by Vineet Kumar Thakur