The BBC News headline Alzheimer’s research ‘needs new strategy’ is certainly eye catching, and you won’t find us arguing that the lack of new therapies emerging from Alzheimer’s research in the previous decades has been disappointing. However, is a switch from animal models to human studies really the whole story? The use of animal models for… Continue reading

The Engaging with Dementia project brings together the many researchers based at the University of Leeds, whose work encompasses Alzheimer’s Disease. Prof Tony Turner is one of our longest-standing Alzheimer’s researcher and, together with Dr Natalia Nalivaeva, has been researching into the production and removal of the β-amyloid peptide, whose neurotoxic action is thought to be a key factor in Alzheimer’s Disease.… Continue reading

Researchers at the University of Leeds will be engaging with dementia in a new project for 2014. With an increasingly aging population, dementia has recently hit the headlines as a ticking-time bomb, with a sharp rise in the number of cases expected in the coming decades. As well as the personal tragedy of a disease that gradually… Continue reading